Muadzam and food

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last week, my fren and i went to new restaurant in muadzam named RESTAURANT AZEA.

I try its Bihun sup and hazelnut coffee while others order asam boi putih ice, mee kungfu, lai chi kang etc.

Well the taste quite good but the price is........expensive. What attract us the most is the interior design whih give you feel like being in kopitiam. I like the modern design and the use of white tables and chairs.

The service is fast too. The waiter and waitress are friendly answering our question and many requestssss. Hahhaha ^.^

Anyway, the price is what make is hesitate to step in again. Well, we may come again but only in special occasion or if we have money.

We are all students and money is like gold to us or like oasis in the desert. Especially for me that do not get any education loan or sponsorship. Haih. ~.~"

But if you ever come to Muadzam Shah or we alway call it Muadzam Highland, tell me and maybe if its your lucky day, ill treat you dinner there. #.#