Wisdom comes the hard away

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last year many of my friends graduated and this year too. Well, its a lie if I said I dont feel jealous because I am! there is time that I want to close all the doors so I wont hear any of that news again, but I didnt. Why? because I proud of myself

Its true, I make a grand plan for my future before, and things turn not exactly how I want it to be. I fell pretty hard and its so hard to stand up again,  but I did it. Its not easy and I'm not all strong. but still I'm proud of myself.

You know, no matter how perfect your plan is, always prepare to fail. I'm not saying that we should choose to fail but being prepared is important. Its true, we should burn the bridges down in order to succeed but if you fail, what should you do then? Crying your heart out at the bank while hoping some prince charming help you? Reality is not that sweet, dear. At the end, all you have is yourself.

You have to wake up, stand up and find a way to move on. Maybe, you can search for another path or build a small plane to cross the river, or swim to the other side. See, you have a lot choice, and if you make a wrong one, make another choice. Hope is always there as long as we breathe. Remember, there is many paths to get to our destination, so if you found out that the path you choose is a mistake, dont feel down, keep walking, who knows what will you find there.

Dont be afraid, dont be scare when you make a mistake. We are human, thats what we do. Make a mistake, get through it and hopefully one day we can laugh about it. Open your eyes to many possibilities, and open your heart to many pains. Through this painful moment, we can discover our true strength, we can clearly see between friends and foes, then maybe you can find your true love. Always open your heart.

We may wearing the same clothes, we may happen to choose the same path but there is no guarantee we will arrive at the same destination. Who knows what fate plan for us.

Extraordinary people dont give up. They never stop working, living their live until they died. Even after they died, their legacy will be carried by others. so thus their wisdom.

For my friends who still fighting for their degree or diploma, Ganbatte Kudasai! Work hard will be paid.There is time that you feel tired and want to give up but listen carefully to your heart, what exactly do you want in your life. If you cant find your answer, well, its a tough case.

For my friends who just graduated, or will be, congratulation! You deserve it! Enjoy that great moment and never stop working hard. And, yes, get yourself prepare for the next stage of your life. Maybe get yourself a book about build a career, coping with co-worker or dealing with scary boss. Nevertheless, never forget to look down when you way up, who knows one day you will tumble down. I'm not trying to scare you. What i'm trying to tell you is having a degree is not a guarantee that you are better than anybody else. Listen to what other people tell you even if they just a janitor. If you want a respect you have to earn it.

Its a journey that bring people together,
Its a journey that bring all the joys and pains
In this journey we found love and hatred
and in this journey I found you.

When you arrive to your destination
Please remember what we have been through
The smile and the tears that we share together
and the most important thing is
Please remember....me.

"I learned what optimism really is: it's knowing that the more painful the event, the more profound the lessons. There are so many lessons in this life we just dont want to learn. You just cant tell someone these things and expect him to become wise. Wisdom only comes the hard way." - Dan Baker, psychologist.