Monday, December 31, 2012

Bicaranya setajam pedang,
Menghiris sesiapa yg menghampiri.

Apa yang ditakuti?
Apa yang cuba dilindungi?

Setiap hayunan menggoyahkan pegangan
Kadang melukakan dirinya sendiri
Berpinar mata terus berdiri

Apa mahu dicari?
Apa yang tersembunyi?

Ramai terbunuh, ramai yang lari
Menjauhi mata pedang
Namun, sentiasa ada menghampiri
Terpukau pada kilauan pedang
Tertarik pada seninya pedang

Tahukah dia? Pedang itu mencari mangsa.
Untuk melindungi yang tersembunyi
Untuk mencari yang ditakuti.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Home, where is it?
They said: home is where the heart is

Where is my heart?

I have a house that i call home
But i dont want to be there
Its feel so gloomy there.

Holiday approaching
I have to go back to that house
But i dont want too...

Why? Because being there
Make me feel like a loser.
Why? Because every1 move on
But not me.

Home, do i have it?
Every time, the door feels so heavy to open up.

What should i do? I need a plan
To fill in my holiday
With many activities
So sorrow will not come to me.

Hmmm...what should i do?

He is my past

Friday, December 28, 2012

He is my past, he is my shelter from sins and doubt.

But he, is not my final destination nor my home.

He always there before, when he was gone, i do not notice.

There is no pain, there is no hate, but is there love? Or just habit

Cause he is my past and my shelter.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Curut2 train is back!!!

Do u know what curut-curut train? When the train passed, it will produce a curut2 sound and it moves fast!

If someone tell you, you talk like Curut2 train means you talk too fast.

I had a marketing presentation. I should make it interesting but because i was so NERVOUS i talk soooooooo fast.

I hope they understand!!
N of coz i hope the mark is great too.

Hilang lenyap di ufuk

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Seperti daun yang berguguran
Saat bayu bertiup sepi

Hati ini terguris kembali luka
Pada cinta yang tidak bersambut

Terus aku tertanya
Pohon mana harus aku bersandar?
Sebelum cinta ini hilang
Bersama dirimu di kejauhan

Tiap langkah terasa berat
Ibarat gajah dipikul pundak
Mencari kamu dalam samar

Mentari yg mula tenggelam di ufuk
Merah dan semakin gelap


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Can you imagine not being able to talk to a person you live just because he doesnt like it.

The more you text him, the more he will ignore you.

Its tough enough not to see him for years. But not being able to text, fb n call is tougher.

And the biggest mystery is why im still in love with that jerk. What so good about him?!

Maybe i should text him everyday to annoy him...

Wait, i try that before and im the one getting annoyed.

I hate him for still loving after what he had done!!

How to be a great speaker?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When i done my inpromptu speech, i realise i am not a good speaker. The audience pays no attention especially backbenchers. If i can choose 1 speaker that i wish i can be like richard hammond. He is funny and always passionate in the subject.

So how to be like him?

My way is not the only problem but also the language. My lecturer said i speak too fast. Well, its because im so. Nervous and my idea is flowing in. If i dont talk fast enough, all of it will vaporize. Haha (nervous laugh)

Oh dear...


Sunday, November 4, 2012

The biggest problem in procrastination is it behave like a chain. Once you start to procrastinate, other works will delay. Then your daily life start to get affected. Then your head mess up. Then you get stress. Then you cant sleep or too much sleep. Then you hard to wake up

Then you go "ARGGGGHHHHHH". Then you blog it.

I hate procrastination!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today is my unprodctve day. N im not proud of it! I wake up to a recurring dream of person that alien to me. Then as i facebooking, without thinking, i like one of my ex photo. Instantly, he sent me a fb msg asking bout my health and life. I was very shock!i scream to the point my fren thought i just saw a ghost. What with that reaction?!

Well, few months back, I scold him(text) for ignoring me even after i involve in an accident. At that time, many bad things happen in my life so i want to share the burden with him. Unfortunately, he dont think so. I was so stressed then i sent a text saying goodbye. A real goodbye with apologies and appreciation. I thought it will end our relationship for good.

But today he asks me about my study,! Can you believe it? After all he had done to me!! N just that, not even asking about my goodbye text, or our fight, like nothing ever happen. Maube he thought he can undo his doing by pretending everythg is well.

Im not exactly angry but more like frustrated and annoyed by the way he treats me. As a result, i've been lazing around for my whole day. I feel so irritated that i keep watching video in youtube to distract my mind. I cant even finish my puzzle or stdy.

Not only that, i having a problem with my credit card. I try to buy richard hammond's book on ebay but i have a problem with my credit card. I try my fren's credit n it still couldnt work. So, i made a plan to go out venture looking for that book even its gonna take long time. There is lack of good bookstre in msia n my current address right now is a bit far from city. Well, no pain no gain. So i will stop complaining n start to really look for that book. As for my ex, let he be. I just want to live my life according to me. N he no longer part of me.



Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I bought new hamsters today. So excited!! I never hve a hamster n hve absolutely no idea how to pet a hmster. But, with help from uncle google nothg can stop me!

The hamster remind me of richard hammond tv presenter for famous show from britain, TOP GEARS. However, i dont watch TG. I know hammond from engineering connectin, my favorte documentary!!

He cute like hamster (n small too). No wonder they call him hamster. :))

N then its remind me of hammond's book, on the edge n or is it just me. Im going to order that books from ebay tomorrow. I dont think we hve it in malaysia. Then i thought, i should buy another crime book from agatha christie too. I finished all the crimw collection i hve.

Then one thing strike. I always want to be a writer n i love to write about my journey. Who knows i can inspire someone through my stories, right? I should update my blog more frequently. Maybe everyday! Haha.

See! One thing leads to another! From hamster to hammond to his book to agatha christie book to blogging.


New day

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The new day has come with brightful and promising future. Land of opportunity also vast space for improvement. But new day never cease to forget the past. Every memory flowing by, waiting to be compared to present. I vow mysef to keep silent bout my past but i failed cause past never leave me

New day that i've been waiting with fear also pleasure. The fear of failure and pleasure of self-improvement.

Thus i hope this new day always stand before light as darkness is my ultimate enemy.

Staying Sane

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Staying or leaving Monash equally painful. Its suffocate but I cant complain cause this the path I choose. Friends, they have their own life and problem so I cant trouble them besides sympathy is the least thing I need right now.

All the success before seems nothing cause of this 1 particular failure and thats all they see. That is all they see.