Monday, September 13, 2010

How to be a great student? How to have a tremendous passion?

I obviously study for exam, not for the sake of knowledge. Why i behaving like this?

Competition? In my class, almost everyone can be classified as excellent student. My friend from other course said that he always saw electrical student study in the library. Me? I usually only go to the library to print out lecture notes.

Passion? passion like Thomas Edison or maybe Michael Faraday or at least like..umm..any succesful Malaysian. My desire is not HD but more to make myself enjoy my student life in Monash Uni. Its a rare opportunity for people like me to continue my study in overseas university. So why waste it?

Driving Force? I already taste failure. I remember how it hurts me, causing me big stress. But why? why it cant be the driving force?why?

Obviously, i keep talking bout the same thing in my blog. Sorry...


Saturday, September 11, 2010

ok, he piss me off right now. i saw him online but after few minutes, he's not anymore. I bet he try to run away again(his field of expertise i bet). well, for his information, i'll not chase after him. why would i do that? well, its true, i love him before and most probably until now, but still, i love myself more than that. i'll not crush my own pride, chasing someone who dumb me before, its not worth it. What i need from him right now is answer for all my question and for that, i need to be friendly.

I will be with him if Allah destines it to be like that or else we will walk our own path. When he run away like that, i cant stop thinking how coward he is. he knows that i am a strong girl so he should know i was strong enough to bear all the truth.

He chewed out my heart and now he crushed my pride. He must be forgot who actually i am. I'll show him!


Friday, September 3, 2010

saya tanya dia, pasal masa silam, psal dia ngan seorg gadis...dia kate xde ape2.xde ape2 yg perlu dirisaukan...tpi dia juga cakap,yang dia cuma mahukan persahabatan dengan kawan sekolah(including me)...sebab kita lebih rapat dan selesa ketika berkawan...

mgkin ramai yg kata, saya patut tunggu dulu, tapi saya lebih suka berterus-terang. Saya xpasti perasaan dia,susah nak detect,dia sangat berhati-hati. Andai kata, dia hanya mahu kami kekal sebagai kawan, saya terima tapi saya tak akan paksa hati saya untuk hentikan perasaan saya pada dia. sememangnya pahit kalau berada dalam ketidakpastian.

Saya faham apa yang berlaku dulu, sekarang dan masa hadapan adalah ketentuan Dia, Tuhan Yang Maha Mengetahui. Dia lebih tahu apa yang terbaik,jadi saya akan tenang dalam semua keadaan. Saya akan bersabar dengan kesabaran yang baik. Sesungguhnya, tiada cinta yang patut melebihi cinta kepada Pemilik cinta.