Love is complicated.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"A soul mate is…someone whose way of viewing life is not necessarily the same as yours but complements yours, so that there is not a compromise, there is a complement." ~ Paul Robear.

As J reading this, she starts to regret leaving Y behind. Is that a mistake? If it is, can he forgives me and accept me back?

Or, did i already lost the love of my life?

J knows she have to get back to Y as soon as possible but she dont want to rush things. She is the one who ask this break. With that, she persever

Meanwhile, Y get himself busy even more and try to forget J. He still furious. He still cant understand why J leave him after all the effort he puts in to build a great life for her. He works hard every day.

Suddenly, J's smile come to his mind and how much he miss that smile. He miss her. Will she come back to me? He asks himself the question that only time can determine the answer.

Life is complicated. Sometimes, love doesnt mean,stay. And love not always letting go. Sometimes, we hold things too dearly that unintentionally, we break it and hurt our hand that hold.

Oh how love is complicated.

J and Y look through the window of their respective house. The view is not the same but their mind synchoranize against miles. 'i miss you', the words echo in their heart.