Burn the midnight oil

Friday, January 4, 2013

The title means staying up late. Eventhough we dont use oil but electricity to light up lamp, this sentences sounds better.

For this week, i slept around this time, 2.00 pm onwards. Yes, it makes me exhausted!

Its all because of the final exam which just around the corner. Oho. I freaking out!!!!!

My carry mark is not what i expected. Ottokei?!??

Daijoubu, i'll try my best nevertheless!! Because of trying my best, my body suffer but dont worry i'll make it up to my body someday. ><

anyway, i wish all my friends that going to sit for final examination, a merry chrismast...oppss...

I mean GOOD LUCK and no matter what just try your best and pray you get the best! Wan an!!!