Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today is my unprodctve day. N im not proud of it! I wake up to a recurring dream of person that alien to me. Then as i facebooking, without thinking, i like one of my ex photo. Instantly, he sent me a fb msg asking bout my health and life. I was very shock!i scream to the point my fren thought i just saw a ghost. What with that reaction?!

Well, few months back, I scold him(text) for ignoring me even after i involve in an accident. At that time, many bad things happen in my life so i want to share the burden with him. Unfortunately, he dont think so. I was so stressed then i sent a text saying goodbye. A real goodbye with apologies and appreciation. I thought it will end our relationship for good.

But today he asks me about my study,! Can you believe it? After all he had done to me!! N just that, not even asking about my goodbye text, or our fight, like nothing ever happen. Maube he thought he can undo his doing by pretending everythg is well.

Im not exactly angry but more like frustrated and annoyed by the way he treats me. As a result, i've been lazing around for my whole day. I feel so irritated that i keep watching video in youtube to distract my mind. I cant even finish my puzzle or stdy.

Not only that, i having a problem with my credit card. I try to buy richard hammond's book on ebay but i have a problem with my credit card. I try my fren's credit n it still couldnt work. So, i made a plan to go out venture looking for that book even its gonna take long time. There is lack of good bookstre in msia n my current address right now is a bit far from city. Well, no pain no gain. So i will stop complaining n start to really look for that book. As for my ex, let he be. I just want to live my life according to me. N he no longer part of me.



Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I bought new hamsters today. So excited!! I never hve a hamster n hve absolutely no idea how to pet a hmster. But, with help from uncle google nothg can stop me!

The hamster remind me of richard hammond tv presenter for famous show from britain, TOP GEARS. However, i dont watch TG. I know hammond from engineering connectin, my favorte documentary!!

He cute like hamster (n small too). No wonder they call him hamster. :))

N then its remind me of hammond's book, on the edge n or is it just me. Im going to order that books from ebay tomorrow. I dont think we hve it in malaysia. Then i thought, i should buy another crime book from agatha christie too. I finished all the crimw collection i hve.

Then one thing strike. I always want to be a writer n i love to write about my journey. Who knows i can inspire someone through my stories, right? I should update my blog more frequently. Maybe everyday! Haha.

See! One thing leads to another! From hamster to hammond to his book to agatha christie book to blogging.