Friday, February 22, 2008

Miss lonely, the best to describe me now. Not because I'm longing for love from a man but love for my friends. Lately, I realise that they dont really care about me especially the closest friend I had here, A (not a real name). Its difficult for me to describe the way she treat me nowadays. Well, I'm appearantly look so cool and hardless but the truth is I'm very sensitive. I just recovered from fever. What make me feel to cry is when my friends just worried I'm sick and cannot present our project. They just worried they had to do that job. Day after that, I didnt attend my class which is from 8.00 am until 6.00 pm. During lunch, none of them backed home and send me food. "Maybe they were run out of time", that what I think and I waited them backed at 6.00pm and to keep my stomach make a band in it (I'm so hungry), I ate maggie mee. Unfortunately, they didnt invite me for dinner and they go without my knowledge. Maybe they afraid I'm so sick to go, but after that they backed with their food. How can they ignored a sick people like me with empty stomach. That night I just drink milk. Is that the meaning of friendship? We laugh together but why I have to cry under blanket. Its much better if I dont have a friend at all than to be hurt like this. Many things happend actually but I have to study because I get a test and quiz tomorrow. Bye, and my advice, appreciate your friends before you lost them.