I miss you

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beneath all the smile and laugh
Lay a troublesome heart

Behind the mask of hero
There is longing for a tender touch

In the darkness of the night
A shadow cease to exist
In the absence of sunshine
The moon lost its magic

And without pain
Love fail to grow

Above its all
I miss you
In absence or presence of light
Or in the laugh and cry
Or in the moment of victory and lost
I miss you
I miss us

Pos Malaysia

Monday, March 2, 2015

I currently wait for my turn in post office chini. The last number called is 2225 while my number is 2245. This is not my first time using post office services in chini and like the last time, it is unpleasant as i have to wait quiet a long time for my turn. 

Well, i dont mean to criticise pos malaysia. In recent year, pos malaysia has gone a lot of great changes. Firstly, it no longer look like a run down haunted building. Secondly, it offers great deal of services, helping people in suburban area to connect with outer world especially related to bills and banking process. It is no longer a place to send a letter -as people no longer send a letter- but become a hub, center of management, family management. 

When the world change, and a new technology called cellphone emerge, the use of letter, telegram suddenly drop to the point it is weird for a people to do so. It is no longer a trend. So, the idea of buying pos malaysia is quiet absurd at that time. No one need post office anymore, i once think like that. But then, the internet era came. The concept of ebay and amazon at that time in malaysia is still new and daring. People had a trust issues when it comes to online shopping. But we forget the power of generation Y. They are a new generation that love taking risks and make changes. The idea is no longer idle. Online shop increases in no time, multiple, quadruple like a mushroom after rain. Guess What is the medium people use to send out their item? The post. 

The post office become famous again, having visitors as much as bank and hospitals. Hence, the long queue. Many post office had physically change. We no longer have to stand in queue like we did during school day. Instead, we have numbers and seats. Its a great thing, right? 

Pos malaysia finally found their way again. They provide many more services to ease people life but The changes even though great, ponder some other issues. 

1. Did pos malaysia has the capacity to run all the services especially in term of human power? 
2. The services rely heavily in online system. What happen if the system down - which is happen a lot-?
3. Did pos malaysia ever research on waiting time per day in many branches? Well, if they only do the research on the services in big main branches that has more than 5 counters open at one time, it is not thorough. The waiting time is painfully long in one or two counter branches. 
4. Despite of increasing the number of services offer, why pos malaysia does not improve the efficencies of current services. 

I do believe pos malaysia will continue their great excellent changes in few years to come. And i believe pos malaysia realise how realible the organisation is to malaysia communities. 

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