How to be a great speaker?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When i done my inpromptu speech, i realise i am not a good speaker. The audience pays no attention especially backbenchers. If i can choose 1 speaker that i wish i can be like richard hammond. He is funny and always passionate in the subject.

So how to be like him?

My way is not the only problem but also the language. My lecturer said i speak too fast. Well, its because im so. Nervous and my idea is flowing in. If i dont talk fast enough, all of it will vaporize. Haha (nervous laugh)

Oh dear...


Sunday, November 4, 2012

The biggest problem in procrastination is it behave like a chain. Once you start to procrastinate, other works will delay. Then your daily life start to get affected. Then your head mess up. Then you get stress. Then you cant sleep or too much sleep. Then you hard to wake up

Then you go "ARGGGGHHHHHH". Then you blog it.

I hate procrastination!!!!!!