Saturday, October 23, 2010

I fall right off the cliff.

I heard my bones cracking, my soul breaking.

I dont want to open my eyes.

I'm too afraid to move.

I keep waiting for something that i dont even know what.

I cry as I suppress my tears.

I let all the fears, all the pain control me.

I wish I can let go.

I wish.

The MonsTer of Me

Monday, October 11, 2010

i saved him from my evil self in hope he never get hurt becoz of me, but it turn out worst. i cant stop myself thinking about this again and over again. Nevertheless, there is no solution to this matter.

I always believe time will heal this wound but now, its different. this is not wound but DISEASE. that will encounter me many times in this life.

What i need is not a medicine, but a doctor to treat and control me. To waking me up from a nightmare. To holding me in a loneliness.

Yesterday, i wish i have eraser in my head so I can erase all the bad memories but i was wrong, this bad memories are part of me.