Tuesday, July 24, 2007

As I wrote before, I am really interesting in mental health and as I promise I will write about that topic.
Mental health is more than the absence of mental illness. Even though many of us don't suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder, it is clear that some of us are mentally healthier than others. The study of the characteristics that make up mental health has been called "positive psychology."In order to get a healthy brain, we can go several things such as sudoku,crossword,chess and others game that fun yet challenge our brain.We have to get involve in many things and try new experiences because it helps us in gaining knowledges and give our brain a brand new things to think.
In USA there is afew research in characteristic of mental health.Thi is the short list of mental health's characteristic :
i)The ability to enjoy life - The practice of mindfulness meditation is one way to cultivate the ability to enjoy the present.We need to plan our future but learn from the past and also donotmiserable our life by worrying about the future.
ii)Resilience (The ability to bounce back from adversity- People that can cope with the stress better than other.Rudyard Kippling has said that we need to treat our triumph and disaster as the same.
iii)Balance - The balancing between social life and time spent alone are very important. If someone always been alone, he or she will lose many of their social skills.
iv)Flexibility - People who hold very rigid opinion will set themselves up for added stress. Emotional flexibility maybe just as cumpolsary as cognitive flexibility. Mental healthy people have range of emotion and they allow themselves express their feeling.
All this characteristic show us how important mental health for us but it doesnot mean we have to ignore physical health.If you are in sedentary life you need to change because that way of life will give you great vicious.

New Theme

Friday, July 20, 2007

Today, I am doing research on my new theme.It is very great theme because it is related to our life.People always think that exercise just about their physical fitness but they don't realise our brain need exercise too.I will focus more in braib exercise and health in my next post.Hope you like it.

Courses in PPOU

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I am in the foundation program at Preparatory Program for Overseas university.All the subject is just a fuondation and we evev didn't touch anything about our subject in pra-graduate.Those subjects are Chemistry ,Physic ,Mathematics ,IELTS ,Academic Study Skill and English.It is like our SPM but tougher and of course the language is different.I need to remember the term in physic and mathematic also the element in chemistry.What Ireally love about those subjects are the lecturers.They are kind and helpful.In my class we have student that get scholarship from MOE(majority) and FELDA.Felda is my sponsorship (not easy to get).
This circumtances at Uniten especially in my class is quite bizarre because my friends very hardworking and it makes me realise I cannot be cool as cucumber anymore like I did in my secondary school.All my new friends here came from the best school around Malaysia.The majority was from MRSM and SBP.I start crack the books and notes that my lecturers gave me in my first day.I dont want to disappoint my scholarship(FELDA),family and of course myself.

First experience in UNITEN-campus life

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When I step in UNITEN,my first impression about this U is beautiful.Even it near the town but I'm still can felt fresh environment.31st July (registration day),I got new friends. Farah is my roommate while Adibah and Sapura are my housemate. They are so kind and I felt like we had known each other for along time. I start my orientation week at 1st July. Actually I don't like orientation but experience it in the UNITEN make I change my mind. Orientation is great thing. The activities is quite interesting such as LDK,tour around campus and talk session. Even I had to walk everyday to the hall but it's ok for me because i didnot do exercise since I ended my trainng in national service. I'm quite lazy to do exercise-bad habit (dont be like me). Why I love my orientation? It is because I had many funny friends (always naughty) and The Best Fasilitator ever- K.Shique,K.Nana,A.Joe and last but not least A.Bob (FC for my group). They are kind and very supporting.