2nd day experience

Saturday, February 1, 2014

There are few interesting thing happen today. 

1. There are one guy critics me for saying 'tu je' instead of 'satu je'. Quiet taken back, i reply ok. I dont know whether he thinks i was being rude or he just joking. 

2. Another guy ask me about security working in 7E. Due to CNY, our small town looks like being deserted. It must be dangerous to work there and seeing me alone, he expressed his concern. At first, it feels more like a warning. Maybe i read too much of crime novel, at that time i thought he was going to rob the store and giving warning before hand because he feel overconfidence. But at that same time, it occured to me that he maybe just worried. Anyway, the concern and the warning make me lose my focus and i close register without take out his change. Fortunately, i manage to handlee the situation even though not in the way it should be. 

3. Another incident, because i feel hungry and dizzy, i forgot to give 20cents to a guy where it should be 48.20. He told me that because he worried i'm going to have short in money due to my mistake. So he gave me RM1.00 to cover it up and walk away fastly after that before i can stop him. The queue was quite long and many people were waiting  so i have to hold to that rm1. 

4. Right after rm1's guy, there was a girl ask me to scan a pack of nacho because she wants to know the price. so i did it thinking that she was going to buy it. Then suddenly she said no and want to put it back. Of course it is wrong. Once the product was scan there is no other way to erase it, not that i know, for sure. During the job training, my teacher told me to put it away and wait until someone buy it. 

That makes me thinking, there is a guy who give me one ringgit because he worried i will have short in money and there is a girl who were asking me to scan an item but then do not want to pay for it. Why a guy being nice to me, a girl, opposite gender while another girl cause me trouble. She should be nice to me as a fellow sister. Anyway, she is not my friend and she do not know the consequences of her action. I should told her off. 

So thats a few weird incident on my 2nd day of work at 7E. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and my back pain go away. Oh, another 8 hours pf standing. Sniff.