Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I had spare time yesterday evening, so I did some editing to my photo collection.

The picture of below was taken at Putrajaya Lake. At that time, my friends and I had a task to sale foods  during rowing competition to collect money for community service program.

Time Travel

There is few photos from our program at Terengganu that I choose to edit. Below, a photo of boat service at Terengganu port bay. Coincidentally,when I zoom the photo, I had snap a picture of couple in the boat so I put some words to give more meaningful and romantic feeling to the photo.

Bahtera Cinta Kita
 This is a common scenery at Kampung Nelayan, Terengganu. I can imagine this picture to put in the frame or print to the canvas and hang in my hall.
Kampung Nelayan Terengganu
This also taken at Terengganu when my friend walking along the beach. While looking at the photo, I feel how strong their friendship are and after so many years they are still be friend.
Sahabat Selamanya
Finally, the picture of mengkarung that I cant remember where I snap it. It seems that the mengkarung was observing its environment and smiling.
Observe the nature

Abstract flowers edit

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hati-Hati skecth

Pink in desert

Crimson Line

Tears of Flower


Friday, May 10, 2013

My mom is a big fan of orchid so at our lawn she plant few orchids. I gonna show two of them that bloom last week. Dendrobium purple and yellow phalaenopsis.

Flowers are red...not really..

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Berkebun. Sebelum ini, aku kurang berminat berkebun kerana perlu bergelumang dengan tanah dan perlu berpanas tetapi semenjak aku mengambil alih tugas ibuku ketika dia mengerjakan umrah, aku semakin suka berkebun. Aku seronok menarik rumput-rumput liar yang tumbuh dalam pasu, membaja, menyiram dan mengalih pasu sekiranya perlu. Ini aku sertakan gambar bunga-bunga yang ada di lamanku.

Bunga apakah ini?

bunga cactus

oleh sebab masalah internet, hanya 2 gambar dapat dilampirkan.