Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[Donghae] idaero kkeutimyuhn gihwega uhbdamyuhn
Moduga teullyuhddago marhago issuh
[Ryeowook] comedy gateun sesange wootji mothal saramdeul nuhnduhriga na

[All] don’t! don! modeun ge don sesang won ane gadhin nuh what is your mind
[Kibum] you outta control what is your mind
[All] jebal juwireul dorabwa juhlmangui nunbichi boijanha
[Kibum] stop bangin’ my head my eyes gone red

[Sungmin] juhmjuhm muhruhjineunguhl geudaero chungbunhan sesang
Imi gajinguhllo da gippeunsesang
[Geng] kkumkkuduhn saramdeuri hanadoolsshik dduhnabuhryuhdo [heechul] byunhaji anhne

[Eunhyuk + shin dong] the world is mine naega ee segyeui buhbiya
Geudeuri haengbokhagimaneul gidaryuhsseul ddae
[Eunhyuk+kibum] uhneu nuguboda muhnjuh gihwereul jabeun gushil ppun
Yakjareul wihan baeryuh ddawin juhldae uhbsuh

[Siwon] naui boolkkocheul da taewuhsuhrado pogihal soo uhbsuh
[Kyuhyun] juhdeurui guhshi anin woori aideurui sesangeul wihaesuhramyuhn

[eunhyuk] geuraedo nuhmu wuhnmang hajima naega anya
Sesangi nuhl geuruhke mandeunguhya

[Leeteuk + heechul] naega wuhnhaedduhn guhn naneun modu gajyuh
Sesangi nareul wemyuhn hayuhdo nungwa gwireul makgo
Uhjiruhpge mandeuruh buhril
Juhkdanghan muhriwa doni jogeum piryohal ppoon

[Kangin] naui boolkkocheul da taewuhsuhrado jikyuhjugo shipuh
[Yesung] hwandonui shidae kkeute saragaya hal nae aireul wihaesuhramyuhn

[All] don’t! don! modeun ge don sesang won ane gadhin nuh what is your mind
[Kibum] you outta control what is your mind
[All] jebal juwireul dorabwa juhlmangui nunbichi boijanha
[Kibum] stop bangin’ my head my eyes gone red

[All] don’t! don! ijen geuman jom hae
Wisuhnui gamyuhndo buhsuhbuhryuh

[Eunhyuk] buhsuhbuhryuh ni gashigui gamyuhndo
[All] modu gidarigo issuh majimak baraemdo buhrijima
[Eunhyuk] duhnjyuhbuhryuh ni geu gashigui gamyuhndo

[HeeChul] super junior!!!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I was sleep when Sapura told me "We're not going to fly this year!!!". I thought if I had a bad dream. Just after I wake up, I'm looking for explanation from her and I found that Ila was there too. "What happening?" Sapura then show me email from Pn. Naimah send to Azan. The last statement really hurt me; none of uniten student (Felda Scholar) will fly this year, they will fly next year due to the lateness of IKAL information. After read that, I feel like a fire burning in my heart.
It is not easy for me to accept thing like I must fly this year and I had to make the preparation in 1 month. I tried so hard telling myself that I will survive even I'm alone. Now, I'm ready to fly this year. I had apply for New Zealand's university for sem 2 enrolment. I had pay for accomodation in Auckland. I had register for IELTS next week (only 2 days to study). Tomorrow IDP will come yet I dont know for what sem I'm going to apply. Everything so blur. Now, I got headache and I feel so numb. The fire in my heart suddenly replace by ice and everything so cold. I'm not angry anymore but I'm confused. I hope I will not fall sick today.

My Brain's Gone Missing

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Do you ever experience forgetting name of someone that you face every day? Well, I do. I always forgot other people name and it takes me a few minutes to recall my memories. It was a classic example of LBS (Lost Brain Syndrome) a terrifying age-related phenomena that strikes when it's likely to cause maximum humiliation. This symptom always occur for those in the fag end of their twenties but it may happen to us.
It's easy to conjure up useless stuff like the words to crap songs and the name of presenters from TV shows,but faces, names and appointments can be real struggle. Psychologist Dr David Benton from University of Wales reassures us; " Everybody thinks they are forgetful. It's the nature of the memory that the only way you can function is to lose the vast majority of what you experience. Maybe so, but some people seems to getting worse, Kim ,29-years old PA says: I'm definitely getting scattier. I walked to work recently with the back of my skirt wedged into my tights like some crazy bag lady. A police car actually stopped and pointed it out! I never used to be such ditz."



World champion Dominic O'Brien believes everyone can turbo-charge their memory,whatever their age. "You might exercises your body to fight the flab, but you should set aside 10 minutes a day to stimulate your mind too," he says. You can play SUDOKU, PUZZLE, RIDDLE or calculus exercises (hahaha). It is not only train your brain but also fun.


Recall thrives on strong visualization so develop your imagination. Dominic O'Brien recommends: "Think of house you used to live in and go on mental journey around it. Imagine the smells, the sound of creaking doors and how the wallpaper felt. Then practice it in different places,". However, for day-dreamer like me, I like to create a story (even sometimes it's not logic) in my mind also the dialogs and the progress of the story.


Although it sounds weird, making a slightly surreal connection with an everyday object stimulates your brain significantly. Try this out : picture different obscure items in different rooms in your house. Start in the bedroom, imagine a giant loaf of bread on the end of your bread . Next, you go to the bathroom and there's milk coming from the taps.It's look like you are in the Alice world. Try this to five items and gradually build up. Believe me it really works!

*** I need to get back to my work so I will continue in some other time. My final exam next week and I hope I can answer the papers easily..