Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It was such a miracle for me. I didnt expect to get back my purse. 11.15 am in my apartment, I received a phone call from Midvalley Information Centre. She told me that my purse was there because the founder submit it to them. Unbelievable. Farah, my roomate, asked me detail of the conversation because she afraid that it just a prank call. I put it aside and eagerly, Adib and I rushed to the Midvalley. It such a relief when I checked my purse that everything in there. huh. It feels like a big burden remove from my head.

This incident make me think, why it happen and what is the message behind all these? What can I learn? It told me that there is still many honest person in this world. I just have to find in everyone heart not by appearance and status. Oh yes, that founder name is Al-Nurudin. I'm not sure the gender but I'm going to call him/her to show my appreciation.

Everything happen under ALLAH control, not us. The only thing that we can do are put an effort and pray. We never know anything about future but we can construct it and try make it real. This incident make me think back my dreams and how I can make it real. Right now, it just a wild dreams since I do nothing to change it into reality. I'm going to sketch every path that I can take.

Yesterday, I read a book entitled 'The Celestial Management'. The book about doing business in Islamic way. I like the idea how it interpret business in term of human and god. When I ride on a train, my mind keep thinking about settle an extraordinary life. I want to become engineer but it is not enough. How becoming an engineer can contribute to ISLAM, MALAYS and MALAYSIA not only limit to my company? Looks like this book give me this answer :

' What is the use of creating large profits (by hooks or by crooks) if you die doing it?What is the use of creating momentary profits by sacrificing the reputation of the hereafter? "As mortals gain more correct views of god and man," writes Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health, "multitudinous objects of creation, which before were invisible, will become visible." Death has opened our eyes about many things. Death reminds us that there is something far more valuable in this life than just the motivation of for bread alone. The result that you achieve - be it wealth, luxury, glory and great pride- will become nothing the moment death visits you. A new life, one that is eternal, will unfold before you. The result that we idolize will be valueless. So, why allow yourself to be buoyed by a worldly result?'

I hope this will not give you headache. Above paragraph is the base of an answer of my question. My weakness is to interpret my thinking into a right words so I hope you can understand it. hahaha.