Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yesterday,my friend,Joseph ask me, why I choose engineering? I told him that this field challenging. That question really bother me so I decide to write in my blog.

Why engineering? Actually, I have no interest in circuit, semiconductor, power and whatever related to electric. I got an excellent result in PMR so I expect to see myself into SBP or MRSM. Unfortunately, there are no offer from them and its frustrating. The only offer from SM TEKNIK 1 KUANTAN in Electrical & Electronic study. I said to myself, maybe I can give a try because I never thought to be engineer. 2 years in SMTK gave me a lot of joy and slowly I fall in love with electrical. Electerical is a very abstract subject, something that you cannot see but worth to believe. I like mathematic and in Electrical we do many calculation.

What is my ambition? Answer,I dont have any. However, I'm fond of the hospitality industry especially in hotel-Room Services department. I like to do room decoration. Not only that, provide a perfect room and see guests happy face is a great feeling. As someone who has no ambition, my goal is to do my very best in any sector I choose. Lets wish I will be an excellent engineer and do many contribution for MALAYSIA.

After SPM, I got 2 offer, from MOE (Math in UK) and FELDA (Engineerg in Aussie). I love Math but I dont want become a teacher. Why? Because of cheap salary and risky. As a teacher, you are not only do teaching things but you need educate student about life and value. I'm afraid I do it wrongly and give negative impact to my students. Engineering also risky but you can gain a lot of money with the high salary. People may think I'm materialistik but frankly speaking I'm sick of having financial problem. I want to have a better life for my family and I our next generation have a proper life and better education. Sometimes, I imagine myself driving elegant car, wearing beautiful dress, and have a nice, stylo house. I can take my mother wherever she wants and fulfill any dream she has. Money is not everything so I will make sure not to become arrogance and forget my responsibility to my people and of course to ALLAH

Ramadhan kembali

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ramadhan kembali lagi..membawa sejuta rahmatNYA..
Apakah Ramadhan ku seperti Ramadhan terdahulu..sia2 malah menambh dosa??
atau mungkin dapat ku membawa erti baru dalam sejarah hidupku..
Adakah aku dapat mencari keampunanNYA atas timbunan dosa2 ku terdahulu??
ALLAH Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.
Tapi bisakah ampunku diterima andai aku masih hanyut..
masih lalai walau seribu kali kucuba berubah..
Segagah mungkin kulawan nafsu dan bisikan halus dr hati..
Sekuat mungkin kutaqwa kan diriku..
Tapi mengapa sehingga kini, imanku masih goyah..
Berubah seperti pasir pantai..
TanpaMU TUHANKU, siapalah aku..
jasad ini, nafas ini, hati ini, semua milikMU..
Sungguh tiada satu pun milikku..
Tapi mengapa diri ini tidak bersyukur, tidak menghargai pemberianMU??
Sebaliknya aku terus merintih menangisi dugaan yang kau beri..
Sehingga kini aku mencari erti hidupku..
bukankah sudah jelas di dalam KitabMU..
Hidupku adalah mencari keredhaanMU..
Terus sujud kepadaMU..
Sepanjang langkahku, kau taburkan keindahan dan kasihMU..
Namun apa yang kuberi, hanyalah racun..
Yang akhirnya memakan diriku, tanpa sedikitpun KAU terusik..