Being Introvert

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Being an introvert in a world require me to do presentation and a lot of group work is undeniably tiresome.
As an introvert, I live in my own world since I was a kid thus I have very lonely childhood. If you ask me,
what is my best memories of playing with friends, I cant answer it. I spent most of my childhood watching television or reading books and I love that world so much!

However my little world crumbles when I step up to university. During my time as a foundation student, there is few subject require me to present in front of the class. I have a great ability to explaining things to people but having to talk in front of everyone really scares me. and what bother me the most is the thrill before presentation. The nervousness  that so visible that people can see my hands shaking. There is one time, when I stand on the stage my whole body is shaking. I really hate it.

I thought this nervousness will be disappear if I got enough practice or after several presentation but it stays on. Sometime, it gets worse. Therefore, it is natural for me to hate presentation.

After foundation studies, I enrolled in local university taking Business Administration major in Human Resource Management. This program requires every student to have great social and presentation skills to prepare us for our career. That is  why there is presentation for every subject in every semester. WhaT!!! Frankly speaking, Im more worried for presentation rather than final examination. In final examination, I dont have to talk in front of everyone!

In Susan Cain's book entitled Quiet, she writes about being introvert in the world that cant stop talking. Everyone talk a lot. they talk in facebook, blog(like I did now, but you cant see my lip), twitter, wechat, kakao talk etc. Technology actually helps many introvert around the world deliver their thought without having to stand up on the stage, holding a  microphone and making eye contact with audience. What I really like about this book is not only  the tremendous researchs discussed in the book but also many advices given to the introvert to deliver a great speech. Firstly, accept and embrace who you are. Secondly, know your streangth and weaknesses. Thirdly, use it well.

I may not appear to be entertaining, happy-go-lucky and talkative like my fellow extrovert friends are, but I have abilities to understand things easily and quickly and explain it clearly to people. I also have vast knowledge in many different areas. and my weakness is the nausea and shaking feeling before and during presentation. So what I did is, I concentrate in every facts and theories on the topic, find examples that can help people understand. Then, I prepare and practice my presentation at home in front of myself and using mental imagery. Researching a lot of ways to improve my presentation skills and overcome glassophobia really help me along the way.

In conclusion, Being introvert is not an excuse to not giving a great presentation. Many great speaker in this world is introverts, they may rarely give speech but when they speak, they give IMPACT. So, my fellow introverts, be proud!