A thousands word

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If you can only have 1000 words before you die, what you gonna says?

Words can be like a sword in a fight,
Words can be like a rain in a hot day,
Its beauty lies on the mouth of the speaker and the heart of receiver.

 A spoken words can never be taken back, all you can do is offering explanation and apologize if needed.

In this digital world, even what we update in status or comment can be count as spoken words. So, my friend, have you use your words wisely?

I think everyone can understand the effects of words in our live either positive or negative. In a case where people throw me a criticism, I will be in a moment of silence and reflect every words that they use and the intonation. Do they mean it? If they do, why?

What should I do next? fire up and blast them with my piece of mind? I like to remind my friends and I, "focus on the solution, not the problem","see it in the speaker's eyes than yours","empathy is an advantage". When people criticize or scold you, be optimist. It is wrong to deny everything as the tree wont sway if not for a wind. It is also wrong to accept everything without judging the situation. Stay true to yourself even there is some part of you want to stick to conformity.  Every person and individual in this world is unique and Allah created us with partners. Means there is someone in this universe can understand you while others cannot. However, this is not a passport for behaving badly, breaking the laws with hope others can accept what you did.

There is some people with a personality trait that hard to express themselves through words. Sometimes we call them anti-social just because there hardly spoken anything but does it means they cant express themselves using words?maybe they can express better using written words than spoken words. So you see, its hard to judge people. Its hard to make their profile just base on their personality. Can you judge people based on their vocabulary. For example, an intellectual individual may choose a vast vocabulary to mirror their vast knowledge and vice versa. Its that mean, we can decide on people intelligence based on their words? A wise man always use a wiser words to share their wisdom.

Undeniably, words is not just a sentence, a ABC or grammar. Words is ourselves. We are what we say. Thus, if you want to be great man, use better words. Do not hurt people in purpose of discouraging to satisfy your inner selfishness because what you say today, will come back to you one day. Even if its not happen in this world, it may be happen in the hereafter as Allah already stated in Quran that every deed, either small or big will be punish or reward.

To all my friends, mind you words,its a mirror to your soul.