Tears and Fist

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tears. its my enemy right now. Been fighting it the whole day. Why?

1. FELDA hasnt bank in my allowance yet. I need damn money so much to settle everything before going back for good.

2. Today is my last counselling session. Jodie has been a very good listener to me and im gonna miss her.

3. Eveything that I planned ruined because of that money. This week is my last week in melbourne and i want it to be great but...Im so furious.

4. I dont wanna leave this town. I have a great life here. For me I start my real life in this cozy place and Im gonna miss it so much.

5. Lots of thing cant be settle down not only because of the money but also because this one particular *****. after talk to my counselor, I thought I want to have peace and confront her but tonight she did it again. She alienated me. She thinks she can throw me away just like that make me totally not exist. Well, she got it wrong cause one day I'll be back and god knows what i'm gonna do to her so called perfect little life and thats the promise!