Stress Out

Monday, March 11, 2013

Stress is something normal in our life. We always stress about almost everything. Sometime we stress cause have nothing to wear eventhough our closet is full (girls u know what im talking about). And some people stress because their team lose in a football match (i can never understand). So, from small to big thing we easily get stress.

Is it really because of the situation we in? Is it because of the problem? Or is it cause by us? Stephen R Covey in his book stated that man has to focus on solution, not problem. And it is undeniably true. However, its not easy, every time i have a problem i try to focus on the solution and everything went well until my heart start to interfere and my emotiong struggling, wiggling to get out. What should we do then? Keep focus on the solution!

Write down your propose solution and try to consider every alternative you have. For instance, i recently had a problem with one of my group member At that time I was angry but then I try to focus on the solution. I gave her a choice and I let her choose the solution of our problem. During the process I did raise my voice a bit but its needed to make her realize that she can't mess with me. Thank god, she decided to behave more properly and be more responsible. You see, at that time, I can talk to my lecturer and get her out of my group but I didn't. Why? Humanity. As a human, we don't like treated badly, punished by our behavior. What we want is someone to care and help us then give a chance to straight thing up. I do believe that justice is when you give someone chance to repent. Because I choose to focus on solution everything going well

So, for all my friends out there who had a problem, take out a piece o paper and start list down your solution. If you block out, ask someone for help. Maybe, they experience something similar and can provide you some insight.

Here is some solution that MAY help those who in depression. I experience it before so I want to share with you what I did to get out of it.
1. Have faith in Allah and fate.
2. Do not lock yourself in a room. Get out, have fresh air and meet people.
3. Get busy or get a hobby.
4. Talk to friends, family, counselor or anyone that you can trust and feel comfortable with.
5. Accept the advise from those who genuinely concern about you and neglect all the negative things that people that hate you throw at you.
6. Focus on the solution rather than your problem.
7. Keep moving and don't give up.
8. Read and listen and get occupy with motivation books or media. Words can hurt people but words also can heal people.
9. Love yourself. Trust yourself. Have a strong self pride.
10. Write a letter to yourself, tell yourself to stay strong and be brave. Every time you feeling down read this letter.

Last but not least I want to share 4 words my counselor told me that always keep me strong in a rainy day.