Feminism vs Engineering

Friday, August 17, 2007

As a woman ( in transformation ) and as a student in engineering, I discover that in Malaysia it is still a rear thing. Society always identificate woman with a feminin job such as teacher, nurse, baby sitter etc. even after 50 years merdeka. When I maked my decision to study at Technical institute ( SM Teknik 1, Kuantan ) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, my brother object it. He thinks that woman is not fit with this job but I think it is unlogic opinion in modern world. Just like I expected, in my class there is only 9 girls and the rest are boys. The same circumtances in others class. I then realise that man when it comes about theory they are not so good but when we are doing our practical they are so great compared with woman. Someone said that is man power (Is it?) but I still stand with my principle that woman play a big role in engineering.
Why many woman still afraid in taking engineering as their profession? One of the accuse is they think it is unsuitable for them because this field need you to be tough not only phsically tough but also mental need to be tough. It is a stressful job with many works to do. Engineer always work outside and make overtime (busy) and this condition not suitable with the married woman. They have their own responsibilty to their family so as a woman I understand that every woman put their family as a their priority. The statistic show that engineer that resign early is a woman and the reason is to be a full time housewife. Beside that, as a engineer-to-be I donnot know any woman engineer that can become my idol. No inspiration at all.
Compared with woman in 5o years backward I think woman nowadays are so lucky because they get education, protection, accomodation and many others thing that our grandgrandmother lack of. All of this show that woman have get their right that the feminist had fight for. They know their right and bravely they shout it out. As a result they change woman socially. Woman's confident level and bravery increases also many woman become sassy. Involve in society and help our nation strive for excellence. This changes because of education and realisation.
I want to be an engineer but still my east (gadis melayu) attitude because how much woman progress and how tough they are better than man,they are still soft-hearted woman and tears still their weapon.

Money ( financial matter )

Monday, August 13, 2007

A piece of paper that valuable call money makes many people crazy. In a blink of eyes people become rich or poor and all because of money. It is very important to know how to manage it. As a first year student, it is my first time to manage my money. Well, now I realise how bad it is when you lack of money and at the same time you need it badly. There is many way to manage your budget :
  • Plan your budgets by making a list - make a list when you go out for shopping and buy only essential things. You also need to make a list of money that you had spent in one day.
  • Save all the coins - maybe coins is not so valuable for you but it will help you during your rainy day. Even 1 cent is valuable.
  • Use your things that still can be use - don't throw it away and use it as long as you can.
  • Saving your extra money - if you have extra money make sure you save it as your backup one day.
  • Free yourself from debt - it helps you in that day but after you get money from your resource, you have to pay it back and of course it disturb your budgets.
  • Don't easily get influence by friends - say 'no' to your friends if they make you spend your money for something unessential.
  • Give if you have - the counselor believe if you borrowed your money to your friend out of your ability and if they don't pay back then the friendship will get strained.
  • Compare price - take time to investigate in order to get lower price.

This is some tips but if you want more you can browse internet and found many webs offer money counseling service agent.

The way people live together and share of the world's resources

Sunday, August 12, 2007

It is very important for citizen to share their country property in order to get zero poverty. Rich people have to share their wealthy with the poor people. Third world country always face this problem ; rich people become richer and poor people become poorer because of their government economics policy that unbalance. For instance India, we can see their rich people is very rich but there is still destitute people. It also happend in South Korea and any third world country. The rich people always doing investment outside and they always think about money despite of give a hand to the poor people. In the rank 5 of billionaire in this world is a India citizen. How can this happend? They have very rich people in this world and they also have poorest people.

Malaysia is a country that had faced the same problem before and to overtake this problem The Government of Malaysia has taken an active role in guiding the nation's economic development. Malaysia's New Economic Policy (NEP) first established in 1970 had decrease people under poverty line. It also helps Malaysia to limit the differentiate between people in the city and rural area. As we know people in rural area is a poor people but in NEP, Malaysia government tried to improve their lifestyle and their economics level. Besides that NEp aim to end the identification of economic function with ethnicity.