Incentive money,effective or not?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In times of high unemployment,employers need do very little to encourage their staff to work hard,but when job vacancies are scarce,they have to find effective ways of rewarding their staff in order to stop them from going elsewhere.

One obvious way is giving them money as a reward. I do believe this way can encourage the receiver will work harder and in the same time another workers get inspire to work hard to get the intencieve money. Besides that, it shows the good qualities of a manager that responsible and appreciate his or her workers.

However, the practice of giving money can have a bad impact to others especially when there is a workers good at lobbying th.eir boss more than completing their works. In reality, the employer will be bias to another workers and also show their weak principle.

Another tactics to couraging the employee is by giving awards such as 'Employee of the Year' or held a party for everyone from cleaner to manager. The occasion strengthen the bond among workers and also create happy working environment. As the result, the company quality will be increase and of course will bring great profit for the company. This is clearly win-win situation.

Basically, employees want to be recognised for their contribution-whether through receiving money or awards. They also need to feel that their contribution to the whole organisation is worthwhile. Good management recognises this need and responds appropiately

Monday, April 28, 2008

When I look outside my window
in the inaudible evening
listening to romantic song
I wonder..
one day maybe after 10 years..
facing the same evening
what will I feel?
Is it like what I feel today
so calm...
so easy...
thinking what will happen
really get me in a flap
Tomorrow will never be the same
What colour should I put in
make my world
beautiful day by day..