Journey to the edge of Melbourne

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yesterday, my friend read my blog and said that most of my posts have gloomy feeling in it. I cant be more agree. Before this, I usually write in here when i feel bad but not anymore. Nowadays, its more about sharing my passion, imagination and my own world. Lets be clear not all of my posts are about me and of coz not all about him.

Without further due, i want to share with you one happy story, a story of real me....

This is me, not really a looker but I always try to believe I am..hahahaha

This was taken at Melbourne Zoo during my first year in Monash. At that time I went out with my frens since our day in Uniten Bangi

This is either when we waiting for the tram or we got lost.

It was hot that day and drained our energy out..hehehe..sorry for his pose
This is at the japanese garden in the Melbourne zoo. Its small but really beautiful (consider I never went to Japan so..). That guy is my fren who doing bachelor of science. Smart guy but can be annoying some time..hahahaha..If he ever read this, Im sorry and congratulation for your engagement with Far. Why we took the picture together? well, actually, at the beginning I was alone but then he came to inter frame. Hahahaha

After that, we went to melbourne city and spent our evening along Yarra River, my favorite place in the city.

And this is my fren, Azizul. He is a very nice guy and gentle too. But somehow, he seems distant or maybe I'm the one that being distant? Anyway, I like being fren with him and hope someday we will meet again. Oh yes, the background of this picture is a beautiful bridge, connected flinder street station and Eureka tower.

Its a street monkey!!! I read it once in the comic and I cant believe i can finally see it with my own eye. That red-shirt guy really are AMAZING.

See!! He walks from end to end without falling!!sugoih~~

After that, we went up to Eureka tower to watch the sunset and experience the scary box of Eureka. You will get into this square room, then something is moving, then the whole room become seeing-through glass. You look at your feet and you see the ground and you are highhhhhh way up.

We dont have the picture in that box, but this is me at the top of the Eureka. I can see the whole melbourne city from up there and the feeling is just unspeakable.

Nevertheless, we got the souvenir and went home with a happy face and soaring feet. It was a great experience, a great day I spent with you guys, and I will always treasured this. I feel glad that this memory that we etched in all the photos are still with me even after 3 years. We definitely survived the edge of melbourne and despite we end up in different destination, what truly valuable is the Journey. Thank YOU