Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Its my first week of a very short holidays. The first 2 days, i was down for stomachache and now i have a fever.

Originally, i plan to do photo editing and make a bookmark. Unfortunately, i cant do it until i fully recover.

However, tonight, despite my headache, i manage to capture and edit a photo of my cat, Mao.

I love her so much. If you look at her face, she seems distant and arrogant but actually she such a cute cat. I never have a cat that so obidient like her. She will come whenever i call her, she will accompany when i stay up late watching tv and always cone to bed with me.

She is not a very tame cat and everytime i try to lock her up, she will get away. As a cat, she is a very skillful rat catcher and lizard killer.

When we were playing, i did get injured sometimes but i dont mind at all because for me a cat should behave as one. Im not someone who will bath their cat, trim its nail and make it wear clothes or bow.

I name her Mao because she likes to 'meow'. This is a picture of her. My cat, my friend, my loyal companion.