Craft - bookmark

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Isnt all this cute? Guess what it is...

  A bookmark with an emotion icon. fit it with your mood or your book genre

 Simple but I like the pop-up shape. can also make it to love shape, or camera, or .....

Cute!!! monster, bunny, bear, cloudy and blacky( i dont know what it is.hehehe

If you like to read book, you definitely will feel intrigue to have a beautiful and cute bookmark. Well, I do!
However, I dont intend to buy it but do it myself. Firstly, because its cheap (most likely free if you recycle). Secondly, you can make it as your own. I mean, based on your own interest and personality.

As for me, I like vintage design and coffee, so I'll make it in a shape of coffee's cup with a vintage design. it sounds like a good idea. Might doing it after this.

I have to concentrate study for my final exam next week. So maybe during my 2 weeks (really short) semester break.