Love is letting go. Love is being here

Saturday, January 12, 2013

J: why you dont treat me like other people. Dont u care bout me?

Y: i care for you. What are you talking about.

J: when is the last time you ask me how i feel?

Y: i did ask you about your life, right?

J: thats not what i mean! Asking about life and asking about my feeling is not the same.

Y: what is it? Did i make you angry?

J: yes! You dont care bout me!

Y: i care bout you, i always think of you but you know i've been busy. I told you before.

J: but still, caring bout me wont hurt your precious time. Besides, in one day, can you spend just a moment for me.

Y: you asking too much. I thought u understand me. Let me build a great world for you, for us, will you?

J: you are my world. I need nothing.

Y: be real Dear. I know money cant buy happiness but money can buy many things that make u happy. I want to build a some security in our future.

J: i am being real! All those thing, wealth, and success mean nothing for me if there is no you. Cant you see how important of you being here with me? We have a different view of a good life.

Y: yes, but those different should not make us apart!

J: no. thats what make all the different. i'm sorry, lets take a break from each other. I need to think it through.

Y: what?! What for

J: ask yourself, will you stay by my side for the rest of your life? Will..

Y: of coz I will, you know that.

J: listen. Please. Will you stand by me, a person who always need your love and attention? Will you still be with a complicated me who always overthink and curious? Will you love me fullheartedly even at time i disregard you for such a small mistake? Will you be here for me when i'm scare and in doubt? I love you so much to the point that it hurts even seeing you turn your back on me. This sensitivity, im afraid, you cant tolerate.

Y: why cant i?

J: you too carefree. You dont know me very well and you always underestimate my love for you.

Y: i dont understand! I dont want to understand. Please dont go.

J: you know, if im really for you, even if we separated by miles, by time and space, we will find each other again...but if not, i believe you will find someone better.

Y: please, dont do this

J: i love you, Y. I will always love you. Goodbye.

As the door close, their hearts shattered. Will they find each other again?

For J, almost here is not the same as being here. All this time, she only ask of love. Nothing more but it seems its too much.

For Y, she is his future and build a great life with her is what he wants. However, he forgets one thing! She is in the present. While chasing for the future, he lose the present.

For them, love is life. Love is them. But will life bring them together again? Only God knows!