Written words

Friday, January 10, 2014

The advance technology has shone light to us to a new way of conversation but is it better than previous method or makes human relationship get worse?

Many of us aware of the effect of social media such as facebook. It makes million miles feel like next room. Many of us also aware its negative effect. 

I would like to share a story of me and my family and whatsapp. When whatsapp arise to fame in malaysia not long ago, everyone need to have whatsapp account just like they need facebook. My family is not the exception. Frankly speaking, having indulge in the networking earlier than everyone in my family makes me not so keen to create whatsapp account but they force me to do it. Anyway, its all start with a good cause;to bring everyone that miles apart closer and to share information and to convey message to every one. 

However, the goodness of whatsapp deem and here comes the evil. Some start to use it to critics others. They call it advise (doesnot seem like one for me). For instance, my brother screw up so my other sisters give him 'advice' in that group chat. For me its like scolding a person in front of everyone and i really hate it. Its keep happening to a point where few members of my family 'advice' another member. Group scolding session. 

Why they keep doing it? Because they think its healthy, its what siblings do. Helping each other out and taking care of each other. Yes, after all the advices given they did make up. But thats not for me. I dont think its healthy. Seriously not. What they did is hindering the subject, denying anything happen and take it all as a siblings act. How about all the means word thrown out? Is it just dissappeared. Its still in that group chat for everyone to see. 

I dont understand. Maybe this is how adult deals with problem. I think its stupid and it push the relationship into a verge of breaking up. I believe that all those words written down is not gonna disappear into a thin air, someday it will come back and haunt down the one who write. 

Yes. I am a bit piss off. They misunderstood my condition and critics my reading hobby. Do they know why I read? Do they know why I hardly call my mom nowadays? Do they know why i havenot visit my mom for 2 weeks? No they dont. And i have no intention to tell them my reasons as i know they will regard it as excuses. 

They are my family and i love them but i think they have to stop whatsapping before something bad really happen. 
From my point of view, whatsapp is now drifting us apart if not all of us at least I am.

So readers, technology changes our method of communicating but the essence of human heart is still the same. Choose your words wisely, either its written or spoken, use it well.